Lose fat fast – Double days for weight loss

Congratulations, you’re getting married (insert comedic remark about throwing life away), or you just want to find out what voodoo I used to lose fat fast before my wedding.

I lost 6kg of fat and dropped 7cm from my waistline 3 weeks before my wedding. It was not easy, at all, but with blood sweat and tears, I was able to pull through and almost outshine my lovely bride. Here you will find the double day method that I used to lose fat fast.

Chewing the fat:

Weddings are a roller coaster ride built for two, even the most relaxed bride can get your blood boiling and like most men during this time, I needed to blow off some much-needed steam. I found sanctuary in a Strongman gym and their program. The gym had relaxed nutrition standards and my discipline went out the window. Although I was stronger than an Ox, I started looking like one too. It was time to take a look in the mirror and adjust accordingly.

I needed to drop 8cm of added fat from my waistline, lose fat around my lower back (love handles), chest and shoulders. I had my goal. Like many people, I found breaking down large goals into small identifiable chunks to work wonders especially when it comes to losing fat. This outline for goal setting worked for me and may help you lose fat before your wedding.

Choosing the right program to lose fat

Clients that I trained that needed to lose fat fast and build muscle found training twice a day fun and effective. Those clients with the drive to hit their goals were able to succeed & it worked for me. Before we have a look at what is involved, here is my checklist to see if you have what it takes:

  • 45 minutes morning & evening?
  • Commit to a structured way of eating for 3-4 weeks?
  • Prepared to be tired – A LOT?
  • Brass balls

If you answered no to any of the above, stop reading and head here to check out my other programs to get you on your way otherwise, buckle up and enjoy.

What is double day training?

Those that have trained using this method, including myself, will attest to the results using this program. Double Day training increases neural activity in the morning for optimised training in the evening.

This increases muscle and burns fat faster than conventional methods

Research shows that splitting a 30-minute moderate cardio workout into two 15-minute sessions, separated by six hours, can burn more calories than doing one 30-minute session (Almuzaini 1998).

By adding resistance training to this method, is like adding fuel to a fire. This increases muscle and burns fat faster than other conventional methods. If you’re looking for a fast way to lose fat before your wedding, this is your solution. Let’s take a look at the basics:

  1. 2 weeks of Double Day training with 1 week of de-load or active recovery. On the third week of training, you cut back to training once per day.
  2. Allow 6-8 hours of rest between sessions. Most people find that training before work and again after work allows them sufficient time to recover between sessions.
  3. Train the same muscle group in the morning and evening. Muscle groups trained in the morning are primed for a harder workout in the evening, so you are not training to failure in the morning.
  4. Lower repetition, heavy compound movements in the morning. Higher repetition, lighter isolated movements in the evening. The morning session gives your nervous system a kick-start for your evening session!
  5. Follow the clock and complete each repetition. It’s all about quality, not quantity.
  6. Limiting your success is entirely up to your NUTRITION, so ensure that you eat enough of the right stuff.
  7. Burning out will occur if you don’t follow the above steps, so make sure you follow the guidelines to a T.

My Results

05/01/2016 – 21/01/2016


You can see that there is a considerable difference between my shoulder position and the decreased fat around my midsection, especially my lower back. My apologies for the quality of the photos.

Is it for you?

The transformation occurs in such a short period of time, making the whole process fun and exciting when done correctly. Those with the greatest success (inclusive of myself), set out clear, concise goals and commit to achieving their ideal body.

There are no shortcuts. If you can’t train for a maximum of 45 minutes each session twice times per day, 4 days per week and if you don’t eat the right food, sleep or relax, this is not the program for you. If you have read this article and are ready to go, you can gain access to the first phase of the program HERE.

Good luck and happy training.


  1. Almuzaini, K.S., Potteiger, J.A., & Green, S.B. (1998). Effects of split exercise sessions on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and resting metabolic rate. Can J Appl Physiol, 23(5), 433-443.


Written by Sean Odisho