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Regardless of where you are on your fitness adventure, you’re here now, and there’s a team from all walks of life to ready help.

Breaking the norm to become uncommon.

You could be here because you’re tired of being overweight and unhealthy. Following all the latest fads hasn’t helped, and you feel stuck.

Maybe a recent visit to the doctors revealed that you need to take massive action to prevent becoming very sick, and this has got you scared.

Maybe you’re here because you want to be confident about the person looking back at you in the mirror and feel great.

You could be here to surround yourself with a like-minded team that will help you reach your goals no matter what.

Maybe you want to be able to chase your kids around the park or be able to kick a footy again.

Whatever your reason for joining the crew, WELCOME!

Starting RIGHT NOW you’re going to learn the basic fixes for becoming an uncommon human so you can live life to it’s fullest. Yep, we’ll cover basic things like what a nutritious meal looks like, how to cook, basics on sleep, and how to train without excuses like a gym. But we’re going to deep dive on the one variable that only you can change, your mindset. Together we’ll cover mini-habit adjustments that will keep you on track to hit home runs.

The best part of all this? You’ll be firing on all cylinders day in, day out. How will that change your life?

All that might sound crazy; however, if you allow me to share your time and promise me that you’ll follow some simple actions, we’ll get you there.

The first part of achieving success – is taking that first step and continuing to step regardless of where your adventure takes you. Find something that you enjoy. If you don’t like running or crowded gyms, that’s fine, don’t do it. There are loads of activities that will get you started on your fitness adventure and towards a happier, healthier life.

Continuous mini-fixes over a long period can produce massive results. We all pick up bad habits over time. You’re going to learn how to identify what needs fixing to make these small changes. You’ll learn how to do basic workouts, and how to cook a few good meals that will ultimately change the way you look and feel, as well as your mindset.

You’re not alone!

As you choose to start this wild ride, we need you to bring everything you have! The world needs your help; WE need your help! Every day there is someone out there trying to start living a healthier life. They repeat the same mistakes over again, failing to make any positive long-term changes. If you’re willing to educate yourself with the material here and share the ups and downs of your experience with your team, you will achieve results that will stick with you for a lifetime!

So where to start?

Hey there, I’m Sean Odisho I run Waketrainfuel.com.

First and foremost, my goal at Wake Train Fuel is to eliminate ALL barriers – Mental, Physical & Emotional – that affect your ability to kick goals in life.

After spending most of my childhood as an overweight and under-confident kid, I found some success through tireless hours of trial and error. I’ve spent my whole adult life (some would claim I’m an overgrown child) on an adventure, educating myself on how to become stronger, smarter, more confident and an all-around healthier person. I want to share what I have learnt with you.

I’m sick of misinformation spread out by the media and large companies, providing dangerous “solutions” that claim to be healthy. If you flick the telly on after 11-pm, you’ll see all the snake poison vendors peddling their wares. The unfortunate people that buy into these schemes have good intentions. Wanting to improve their health, they buy into the misinformation that the marketers feed us, and as a result of failing to produce any lasting results they give up altogether.

So, I’ve set out to change that. Wake Train Fuel is here to help you; if you are time poor, have your own growing tribe, busy putting out fires (figuratively and literally), are serving our country, or feeding the nation. These pages are for all people ready to dig deep and reclaim their health.

I have chosen not to run any ads or sponsorship here so you have access to unbias research without any hidden agendas. As a result of this, you’re not going to find any wild claims or miracles fixes here. Either I or a member of the Wake Train Fuel Crew, have experimented on ourselves to see what ACTUALLY works.

My only request is this, free your mind.

Wake Train Fuel – The Philosophy

Ok, you’re still here. Want to know more about our philosophy?


We train because it’s a fun part of life. If you’re not a fan of spending an hour on a treadmill watching the calories slowly tick by, don’t do it! If jumping around pushing weights with an overzealous fitness instructor keeps you away from training, don’t do it! There are so many different ways that you can get fit I can’t even count. All that matters is that you get the results that you’re after. That’s it!

Now, if you’re up for anything and are ready to kickstart your adventure, I’d recommend checking out the Wake Train Fuel – beginner guide to bodyweight training. This is a step-by-step guide getting you moving with or without access to a gym.

I’m a MASSIVE fan of weight training and encourage young and old to give it a go. You will find more info about my strong beliefs about strength training in Strength Training 101.


We understand that the food we put in our mouths amounts to 90% of our success for any goal. I’m a fan of paleo-esk diets (short for, whole, naturally occurring food) to form the foundation of what we eat. I’ve seen it work time and time again, for both myself and the adventurers around me. I’m not a purist and I too succumb the whims of humanity, for this reason, I encourage you to enjoy and have fun with experimenting with food.

To understand how important diet is; here is a recent study that outlines the connection between your brain and gut function (who would have thought). It’s basically saying that the effectiveness of your brains function is determined by your gut health.

So, we want healthy guts! Here are 3 rules:

  1. Eat naturally occurring whole foods
  2. Steer clear of processed foods
  3. Learn when you’re full


Mindset is the only thing that you have complete control over. Possibly more important that fitness and diet combined, it determines whether or not you sink or swim.

Michael Jordan once said “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run Into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it“.

Everyone can make excuses as to why they can’t or shouldn’t do something, it’s those that play the hand they’re dealt that rise above to accomplish their goals and reveal true success.

We all have responsibilities being, work, kids, study, family and so on. These responsibilities make up life. Rather than use reasons to shirk your gift to stay in shape, find a way to incorporate changes in your life.

Training can become a part of who you are, free your mind.


The time for talk is over, take action. We need you in our corner!

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